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Interactive animated presentations are a dynamic and effective method of consistently delivering information for a variety of practical business applications via the Web or on disc. MotionImpact works closely with clients to develop creative presentations that make strong, immediate impressions, match company branding, expand visibility, and enhance support services throughout the organization.


• Expand your marketing reach via the Web and through disc-based product promotion

• Increase product visibility and promotion via Web and disc-based presentations


  Compaq Support Product Promotion
The Compaq Knowledge Center & You
  Endeavors Technology
Peer-to-Peer Secure Collaboration Software
Linksys Product Home Networking Overview (Dual Purpose)
  AppXpress Savings Calculator
Potential Cost Savings Calculator (Utility)
  Olympus D-450 Camera
3D Rotation Viewer (Utility)
  Download Time Calculator
Application Download Time Comparisons (Utility)



• Decrease Call Center volume; provide consistent customer support

• Reduce support costs; move off-line instruction and customer service to online delivery



Brother Multifunction Center
Telephone Answering and Your Brother MFC

  Polaroid VCR/DVD Players
Setting Up & Programming Your Polaroid VCR/DVD Player
  Multilingual Fax Ribbon Replacement
Brother Fax Machine Ribbon Replacement
  AT&T Mitsubishi Cell Phone
Surfing the Web with Your T250 Cell Phone (Excerpts)



• Supplement your training program with timely, concise and relevant instruction

• Boost employee effectiveness; provide consistent training regardless of location


  Ask Jeeves
"Jeeves Live" Agent Training Instructional CD Program
Home Networking Overview (Dual Purpose)